I'm a self-taught web developer with a B.A. in English and Creative Writing (with First Class Honors).

I love building things! If I get to build them with JavaScript or Python then even better!

You may have met me at a tech meetup such as:

I was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Dallas, TX. I've been in London for half a decade.

I'm currently working as a full-stack engineer and not seeking recruitment elsewhere.


Average Site Colour

Crawls a website for all images and calculates total average color! Uses a Python webcrawler which is called by a Node/Express app. Some animations thrown in for good measure.

{Node.js, Express, Python, Pillow, Javascript, HTML, CSS}Github

Speak To My Husband

I wanted to send messages to our home office, at first as a prank but it eventually turned into a fun project! At current, it's deployed on Glitch as a Node app with the Express framework. NES.css is used as the frontend framework. My Raspberry Pi polls the server's message queue and reads them out via pyttsx3 a cross-platform Text-To-Speech library.

{Node.js, Express, lowdb, NES.css, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, pyttsx3}Github

Calorie Queen

Track your calories with this single-page app. No sign-in required just a unique private URL.

{Node.js, Express, SQLite, Javascript, HTML, CSS}Github


This is it. You're seein' it buddy.

{React, Gatsby, Sass, Javascript, HTML, CSS}Github